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Getting to El Potrero Chico


Welcome to the gateway of Potrero Chico – Finca El Caminante Hostel. We've got the lowdown on the quickest way to get you here hassle-free.

By air

You'll probably touch down at Monterrey International Airport (MTY). The Airport has two terminals: Terminal A (domestic flights) and Terminal C (international flights), and is situated approximately at 45-60 minutes from the Hostel. From there, you can organize an airport pick-up with us, take the public transport, or a cab.

Airport Pick-up

We offer airport pick-up services:

  1. Once your reservation with us is confirmed, please inform us of your need for transportation to and from the airport.

  2. As your travel date approaches, we'll reach out to confirm your arrival details. This allows us to coordinate the perfect pick-up time for you.

  3. When you land, our driver will be waiting for you at the airport. We'll share with you the exact details of his car, and where to find him.

By Public Transportation

To travel from Monterrey to the Finca El Caminante:

  1. Look for the purple airport express signs outside your terminal at Monterrey Airport.

  2. Take the bus to "y griega" metro station.

  3. Travel by metro from "y griega" to "Sendero" station.

  4. Ask around outside the metro station for colectivos to Hidalgo.

  5. Once in the central plaza of Hidalgo, where colectivos will drop you, walk to the plaza near the grocery store "la Mexicana" (15-20 minutes).

  6. Start thumbing a ride while walking towards EPC. It's likely someone will give you a lift during daylight hours.

Keep in mind that the total time for the journey may vary, so plan accordingly.

Here's the adresse: Tomas Cuevas Domínguez 311A, Adriana Margarita Garza, 65600 Hidalgo, N.L., Mexico.

By Cab

To travel from Monterrey to Hidalgo:

  1. Exit the airport and locate the official taxi stand.

  2. Use authorized airport taxis; confirm the fare before starting the journey.

  3. Clearly communicate your destination in Hidalgo to the driver.

  4. Be prepared to pay in local currency (cash or card).

Here's the adresse: Tomas Cuevas Domínguez 311A, Adriana Margarita Garza, 65600 Hidalgo, N.L., Mexico

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